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Posted: February 24, 2011

Gary D. Wright

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Hear Gary D. Wright's Traffic Reports on your way to/from the J O B each weekday.


I am a Native of Florida and a distinguished member of the 30 something club. I have been public announcing sports and special events for the last 13 years from basketball to football and from talent shows to comedy shows. I enjoy writing poetry, R&B music, and a good party wherever I can find one. And Yes I have lost over 60 lbs! Catch me on the 20 and the 50 minute mark of every hour between 4pm and 6pm Monday thru Friday!

  1. On-air time: The Drive at 5 between 4-6pm
  2. Birthday: December
  3. Marital Status: Single and ready to mingle
  4. Favorite Way to Relax: Relaxing Music, Cognac, and a Nice Cigar
  5. Motto: If you're going to do it right, do it Wright the first time!
  6. Favorite Song of All Time: I have two Marvin Gaye, "Sexual Healing," Lenny Williams "Cause I Love you" and Kem Chemisty "Summer Rain"
  7. Best Concert: ENVOGUE
  8. Track Record in Da Business: Since 2003 on Air since July 2005... I know my MIC is still wet!
  9. Biggest Influence: My loving and enduring Mother
  10. Most asked Question: What does the "D" stand for? Or Are you going keep me from going the wrong way?
  11. Six People for Dinner: Jesus, Ghandi, Harriet Tubman, Bill Clinton, Bernie Mac, Bruce Lee

Want to talk to me? Email me at