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Posted: August 16, 2013

Roadkill: More Americans running over dinner

A bad place to play possum. (Image from Wikipedia)

By George Mathis

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Here’s a headline that will resonate with any motorist that has flattened a ‘possum while hankering for some home cooking: “Roadkill Gains Traction as a Home Menu Item.”

The news is brought to us by The New York Times, which enjoys highlighting the refinements of rural culture for city dwellers.

In Montana,  a state chock full of delicious woodland creatures, the popularity of dining upon animals hunted by motorized vehicles has grown to such an extent that lawmakers have legalized hauling home any carcass found on the road.

The best part of the new law? You don’t have to be the one that ruins the front end of your pickup to claim the free meat.

Montana is a little late to the game however. Georgians have been legally toting home dead varmits since 2010.

The New York Times, whose recent website outage forced journalists to do their own reporting, is kind enough to point out that “eating roadkill has … been mythologized in American cultural lore [since] … John McPhee’s 1973 essay ‘Travels In Georgia.’

I must admit I’ve not read that one. Probably because the essay appeared in The New Yorkerand I was too busy laughing at the cartoons to read articles. If you do read it, you will notice that the good people of Laurens County elected a sheriff that couldn’t shoot a dying turtle from a distance of 12 inches until his third try, but at least he was nice to people that don’t “have accents.”

A deer struck by a car tastes just like a deer shot with a rifle, experts say, as long as you don’t eat the meat with plastic bits of Honda in it.

The Car grill to BBQ grill technique of hunting and gathering  is now legal in “more than a dozen” states, including some that don’t really enforce that whole “marrying your cousin is bad thing.”

So, if you happen to clip a fawn while traversing the wilds, remember pretty much everyone likes “Bambi Burgers” until you tell them where you went shopping.

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