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Woman arrested, accused of threatening to ‘kill everybody’ on Southwest flight

A woman was arrested after she was accused of smoking on a plane and threatening to kill passengers on the flight.

KOIN reported that the woman was on a Southwest Airlines flight from Portland, Oregon to Sacramento, California,  Saturday. Passenger-recorded video appears to show a woman yelling at crew.

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“I swear if you don’t (expletive) land I will (expletive) kill everyone on this (expletive) plane,” the woman says in the video.

KOVR reported that the witness who recorded the video said the woman, Valerie Curbelo, 24, was caught smoking in the bathroom of the plane and attempted to interfere with the smoke detector. She was told to go back to her seat when she began yelling and making threats. According to the witness, Curbelo had to be restrained by crew members for the last 30 minutes flight, which lasted about an hour and 20 minutes.

Curbelo was arrested by law enforcement at the gate. She was booked into the Saramento County Jail and making criminal threats.

Curbelo spoke to KOVR from her jail cell. She said she smoked because she was anxious, but she did not provides and explanation for the threat she is accused of making, or what she was anxious about. 

“I don’t know,” Curbelo, who is from Sandy, Oregon, said. “It was not me. It was not me.”

Curbelo wouldn’t say why she was flying to Sacramento.

Southwest airlines provided a statement to KOIN on the incident:

“Our Crew in command of Flight 2943 traveling from Portland on Saturday afternoon safely landed on-time in Sacramento following an inflight disturbance. Our reports from Flight Attendants indicate a Customer violated federal laws by both smoking onboard an aircraft and by tampering with a smoke detector in an aircraft restroom. Our Crew enforced the regulation and that was followed by the passenger outburst. The safety of our Crew and Passengers is our top priority and we take all threats seriously. The Pilots declared an emergency to receive priority handling from air traffic controllers, and our Crew handled the situation onboard until the plane landed and local authorities stepped in. The flight carried 136 Customers and a Crew of five.”

The Sacramento Bee reported that Curbelo has an arraignment Tuesday afternoon.

Who is Akayed Ullah, suspect in New York explosion?

Four people were injured Monday morning when an explosive device went off in an underground passageway near Times Square, New York Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. Among those injured was a man suspected of strapping the device to himself and carrying it toward Times Square.

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New York Police Commissioner James O’Neil identified the suspect as Akayed Ullah, 27.

New York explosion: Suspect, 3 others injured in 'terror-related' attack

Four people were injured when a bomb exploded near the Port Authority in New York City on Monday morning, including the person believed to be responsible for the device, according to police.

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Texas father kills 2 children in apparent murder-suicide, police say

A Texas neighborhood is shaken by the deaths of two young children, which authorities believe came at the hand of their father.

According to the Star-Telegram, police responded to a North Richland Hills home over the weekend after a mother called 911. The mother was uninjured, but two children and an adult man, later found to be their father, were found dead at the residence.

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“Upon arrival, officers found a 5-year-old female, 9-year-old male and adult male all deceased from apparent gunshot wounds. Initial investigation revealed the father shot the children and then shot himself,” North Richland Hills police said in a statement.

The department went on to explain a search into the home’s records “revealed no prior history between [the] department and the family or address.” The names of those involved have not yet been released.

“There’s no history here,” said police spokesperson Carissa Katekaru. “We’re still trying to figure out why. I grew up in North Richland Hills, and I would call this a pretty quiet neighborhood.”

Neighbor Denise Albino, 57, has lived in the area for about 20 years.

“Oh my God, those poor babies,” she said. “I just can’t understand why people do this kind of thing.”

Albino said her son told her about the news.

“I didn’t know them,” she added. “I would see the kids playing basketball all the time, but I never really got a chance to speak with them.”

Another neighbor, Rosa Nichols, told KTVT: “You can drive by, and they can have a perfect house, but you don’t know what’s going on inside the house. It’s so sad.”

“We lived there for several years and had some happy memories and sure hate to have sad memories made there for these families. For this family, we don’t know you, but we sure feel for you,” said Mike Bentley, who once lived in the home.

Another home burns down in botched attempt to kill bedbugs with rubbing alcohol

Three people were hospitalized and 10 are homeless after a Cincinnati woman attempted to douse a bedbug infestation in her home with rubbing alcohol and started a house fire instead, authorities said.

>> Teen trying to kill bedbug starts fire, causes $300,000 in damage, firefighters say

The rubbing alcohol — which is extremely flammable — ignited because of a nearby open flame, according to authorities cited by the New York Post. The ensuing fire caused $250,000 in damage to the five-unit multi-family Ohio home.

Three people had to be hospitalized for smoke inhalation, according to CBS News. Their injuries are not considered life-threatening.

For now, the American Red Cross is assisting and providing housing for those displaced by the inferno, WXIX reported.

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This is the second time that a rubbing-alcohol-fueled fire has burned down a Cincinnati house in as many months. Just after Thanksgiving, a 19-year-old lit a match after dousing a bedbug in rubbing alcohol, causing a fire that did $300,000 in damage to six apartments and left eight people homeless.

Cincinnati District 3 Fire Chief Randy Freel told WXIX that people should stay away from any home remedies for bedbugs, especially the more flammable kinds.

“Get a professional,” he said.

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Man gouges his eyes during psychotic episode in jail, sues sheriff's office

A Colorado man who gouged his eyes during a psychotic episode while incarcerated is suing the sheriff's office, claiming authorities failed to get him the treatment he needed.Ryan Partridge, 31, filed the lawsuit Thursday against the Boulder sheriff and county jail. He is accusing law enforcement officials of failing to provide adequate medical care during a psychotic episode he experienced during a jail stay in December 2016, Denver7 reported.

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Partridge told Denver7 that his untreated psychotic episode led him to gouge  his own eyeballs with fingernails that had not been trimmed in six weeks. He says he told officials that he was thinking about injuring himself. Partridge admits that he refused to take medication that he was offered while incarcerated, because his illness made him suspicious of being poisoned.Partridge's parents told Denver7 that they were told their son would be kept safe while incarcerated. Instead, Partridge's father said some jail staff bullied and mocked his son, calling him "Parachute Partridge" after he jumped twice from the second floor of the jail, Denver7 reported. Partridge's father said the sheriff's office should have sought a court order to require his son to take medication to get his psychotic episode under control.Partridge is now blind after the self-inflicted injury and uses a mobility cane to get around.The Boulder County Sheriff's Office told Denver7 that staff went "above and beyond" its duty in trying to help Partridge while he was in custody.

Police looking for smash-and-grab suspect who was more 'slip-and-slide'

An alleged convenience store robber who has trouble staying on her feet is being sought by authorities in Michigan.The clumsy suspect, along with her two accomplices, are being sought in connection with at least two convenience store robberies over the past week, police told WXYZ.

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Surveillance video from the latest robbery on Wednesday showed a male suspect jumping over the counter to grab money from the register. The female suspect followed, but had trouble getting over the counter, slipping and falling on her rear end. She grabbed packs of cigarettes, but struggled mightily once again trying to clear the counter.Her getaway was not clean either. The store owner told WXYZ that while the robbers broke the glass on the front door to enter, the female suspect could have just unlocked the door from the inside to leave. Instead, she climbed through the door's broken glass pane to escape, where she landed on her buttocks on her way to the getaway car, which police believe was driven by a female suspect.Despite the poor execution, the trio made off with about $3,000, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office told WXYZ. Authorities are working with Crime Stoppers to capture the suspects.

Police: Accused bank robber visits court first

An Albuquerque man made an unusual pit stop on his way to an alleged bank robbery: he visited a courthouse, police said.

>> Read more trending newsErmond Overton stopped at the courthouse Thursday to ask for pen and paper to write a demand note, KRQE reported.U.S. Marshals employees called police and Overton was arrested a short time later after allegedly robbing a nearby Wells Fargo branch with the demand note from the courthouse.

Ex-priest guilty in 57-year-old murder of woman who went to him to confess sins

A former parish priest was convicted Thursday of strangling to death a woman who vanished in 1960 after going to confession at a Texas church he was serving. 

John Feit, now 85, was sentenced on Friday to life in prison for the murder of Irene Garza. The 25-year-old teacher and former beauty queen visited Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen the evening of April 16, 1960, during Holy Week, and was never seen alive again.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Garza’s body was found in a canal five days later, beaten and asphyxiated. Her autopsy showed that she had been raped while unconscious, then slain. 

Feit, who was living at the pastoral house in nearby San Juan and filling in as needed at area churches, gave investigators conflicting statements, initially stating that another priest who was present at Sacred Heart the night of the murder took Garza’s confession, the Express-News reported. Two months later, he contradicted himself, telling detectives that he was alone on duty that night. 

He admitted hearing Garza’s confession in the church rectory, but denied involvement in her death. 

The Dallas Morning News reported that Feit, then 27, was an early suspect in Garza’s murder, but prosecutors in the case presented evidence that elected officials in Hidalgo County conspired with church officials to block the investigation and avoid scandal in the Catholic Church. 

The young priest, who later spent time at a New Mexico treatment center, was later assigned to a supervisor role in which he cleared priests for assignment to parishes, the Morning News reported. One of the men he placed was James Porter, a priest who molested more than 100 victims before being defrocked and sentenced to prison. 

Feit left the priesthood in 1972 and later married. 

The Express-News reported that there was a lack of physical evidence pointing to Feit, but that two former clergymen came forward over the years and admitted that the former priest confessed his crime to them. 

One of those men, former monk Dale Tacheny, testified Monday that Feit confided in him about the murder in 1963, three years after the fact. Feit showed little remorse, Tacheny said. 

He did admit that he was still “haunted” by the sound of the heels Garza wore to the church the night he killed her, Tacheny testified. Those heels, along with other items of the victim’s clothing, were introduced into evidence at the trial. 

Tacheny told the court that Feit confessed to attacking Garza in the church rectory before putting her unconscious body in the basement while he went next door to the church to hear another parishioner’s confession. 

Feit took a break from his duties to move Garza to the pastoral house, the witness said. It was there that he left her to die, Tacheny said.

“He put the young lady in a bathtub,” Tacheny, 88, testified, according to the Express-News. “As he was leaving, the young lady said, ‘I cannot breathe. I cannot breathe.’ Then he left.”

Feit returned to the church to continue offering confession, Tacheny said. When he returned to the pastoral house the following day, Garza was dead. 

Tacheny, who worked with Feit at a monastery in Missouri, told the court that it was not his place in 1963 to take the priest’s confession to authorities, the Express-News reported. Instead, the monastery tried to modify Feit’s behavior toward women.

When asked by prosecutors why he finally approached San Antonio police after decades of silence, Tacheny wiped tears from his eyes.

“She had parents,” he said, according to the newspaper. 

Another colleague of Feit’s, Father Joseph O’Brien, told the Dallas Morning News in 2004 that Feit confessed to him that he killed Garza, the Express-News reported. O’Brien has since died and could not offer testimony at trial. 

Prosecutors stated at trial that O’Brien helped cover up the crime, getting rid of some of Garza’s belongings found at the rectory. 

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Jurors heard from at least one acquaintance of Feit’s in 1960, who testified to seeing scratch marks on the young priest’s hands in the days after the murder, the newspaper said. 

They also heard testimony from Ana Marie Hollingsworth, a friend of Garza’s, who said that Feit had previously pulled Garza from the confessional in the church to hear her confession in the rectory, a highly unusual practice. Garza was “disturbed” by the priest’s actions, Hollingsworth, now 83, said. 

Hollingsworth’s testimony contradicted Feit’s 1960 statements to police, in which he claimed he had never met Garza before taking her confession the night she disappeared. 

Jurors also heard about Feit’s threatening behavior toward women in the weeks before Garza was killed, including an attack on a woman at a church in Edinburg. He later pleaded no contest to assault and paid a $500 fine, the Express-News reported

A former television reporter testified that the Hidalgo County district attorney, who is now deceased, admitted to him off the record in 1960 that Feit’s plea deal in the assault case was part of a deal struck with church officials. 

Students describe terror after deadly shooting at New Mexico high school

Students huddled together in classrooms, hiding and attempting to stay silent Thursday after learning that a lockdown at New Mexico’s Aztec High School was the result of a gunman on campus and not a drill.

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Two people, identified by authorities as high school senior Casey Marquez and junior Francisco “Paco” Fernandez, were killed when a gunman opened fire at the school in rural Aztec just before 8 a.m. Thursday. Authorities said Friday that the gunman, identified as 21-year-old William Atchison, planned his attack beforehand and is believed to have killed himself after shooting Marquez and Fernandez.

Freshman Makenzie Rezac told The Arizona Republic that she and her classmates stayed in their seats when they heard that they were in lockdown. It wasn’t until an announcer came over the school’s intercom system -- warning that the lockdown was not a drill -- that students realized the severity of the situation.

Rezac told the Republic that she heard gunshots from far away coming closer.

"I’ve never heard gunshots before in person," she said. "We all thought maybe someone was going around banging on lockers, trying to scare us, or moving furniture. … When it came closer, I was like, 'Oh God, what’s going to happen? Is someone going to break in or shoot through the walls?' I was terrified. I was crying."

Sophomore Garrett Parker told KOAT that he was in a history class when he heard what sounded “like kids were just banging on the lockers.”

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“It started getting closer and louder, and it was obvious it was gunshots. We could hear gunshots from right outside our door,” Parker said. “At first, all I could think is, ‘This is it, if whoever comes in, I’m probably done.’”

He and his classmates gathered in a corner of the classroom as the shooting continued. When it was deemed safe enough for students to leave the classroom, Parker said he saw “right outside the door … someone lying dead.”

“I don’t know who it was,” he told KOAT. “It’s so hard, I just pray.”

Senior Bryn Divine told The Associated Press that she initially thought she was hearing a metal baseball bat hitting lockers when gunshots erupted down the hall from her history classroom Thursday morning.

"I stayed in my desk and I just prayed, 'Please just let this be over as soon as possible,'” she told the AP. “That was my first reaction.”

Aztec is a rural town of 6,500 people in the heart of northwestern New Mexico's oil and gas country and near the Navajo Nation. Its main street is lined by old brick buildings that date back more than a century.

Residents voiced disbelief on social media, while members of the New Mexico congressional delegation, state Attorney General Hector Balderas and other elected officials offered their condolences and other assistance.

“You hope that nothing ever happens at a school," Aztec School superintendent Kirk Carpenter said Thursday, according to the Farmington Daily Times. "But when it does, it’s (the) reaction, and our staff, even substitutes, reacted in a way that honestly saved a lot of lives. … We lost lives. … But to see the way people came together ... the response from law enforcement and this community is amazing."

Local, state and federal authorities said Thursday at a news conference that they had a lot of evidence to process and many interviews to conduct. They also were asking any students who might have seen something to call police.

Authorities continued Friday to investigate the circumstances that led to the shooting.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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