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Confederate-like designs to be removed from NYC subway wall

Metropolitan Transit Authority officials said they will modify wall tiles in a Manhattan subway station that create designs that look like Confederate flags, WNYW reported.

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The patterns, located at the Times Square station, have been on the walls for nearly 100 years. MTA officials said the tiles represent Times Square’s nickname as the “Crossroads of the World” and are not Confederate flags, WNYW reported.

"These are not Confederate flags, it is a design based on geometric forms that represent the "Crossroads of the World" and to avoid absolutely any confusion we will modify them to make that absolutely crystal clear,” MTA officials said in a statement.

Times Square did not exist during the Civil War, the MTA said.

Private investigator in Natalee Holloway case finds human remains

A private investigator working for the the father of Natalee Holloway said remains have been discovered in the case.

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Holloway, who is from Alabama, disappeared in 2005 while on a post-high school trip to Aruba. Her disappearance has remained a mystery for 12 years as no one has been charged.

Speculation has swirled around Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch man who Holloway was last seen with at a bar. Van der Sloot is currently serving a 28-year sentence in Peru for killing a student in 2010.

Private investigator T.J. Ward said he and Holloway's father, Dave, were contacted by an informant named Gabriel who helped lead them to human remains. Gabriel is an associate of Van der Sloot.

"Dave was approached in 2015 by a guy named Gabriel who claimed there was an individual who was rooming with him and claimed he had a relationship with Joran Van der Sloot," Ward said. "He started telling me things that aren't public."

Ward said Gabriel told them Van der Sloot may have stashed Natalee Holloway's body after allegedly killing her.

WSB-TV asked Ward if he could say where the remains were found.

"I can tell you they were found in an area we had under investigation," he said.

Ward said the discovery was the result of an 18-month investigation, but it's not the only information the informant provided.

"He told us Joran Van der Sloot's father went out there on the night Natalee went missing in 2005 and removed the body and helped dispose of it," he said.

The remains are being tested for DNA to determine if they are Natalee's. It could take two to four weeks for the results to come back.

Deputy's quick action saves K-9 partner

Quick action by a Martin County deputy likely saved the life of his partner, a 5-year-old K-9 officer named Kaspar, according to the sheriff's office.

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When Deputy Ron Manganiello noticed that Kaspar was suffering from serious internal distress today, he rushed the dog to a veterinarian. Kaspar underwent immediate surgery, which revealed a large tumor on his liver.

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The tumor had ruptured, causing internal bleeding, the sheriff's office reported in a Facebook post. 

Doctors said Kaspar would not have survived if the internal bleeding was not immediately treated.

"Fortunately, Deputy Manganiello recognized that his partner was in distress in enough time to save him," the sheriff's office reported.

The surgery was successful, doctors said, and Kaspar is recovering. He will remain at the animal hospital for a few days, but he faces a long recovery, the sheriff's office said.

Over 40 Joe's Crab Shack Locations Close Without Warning

Over 40 Joe's Crab Shack Locations Close Without Warning

How to photograph the solar eclipse with your smartphone

Many who hope to capture the eclipse Monday using their professional digital cameras have been warned to protect their camera lenses with proper solar filters.

But what about smartphones?

Here are some general guidelines for taking successful smartphone photos of the solar eclipse.

Tips for taking a successful photograph with a smartphone

  • Use a tripod or rest your smartphone on a stable surface to avoid shaking.
  • Make manual adjustments. Focus on the eclipse by tapping the image on the screen and darkening or lightening the exposure. Do not rely on your smartphone’s autofocus.
  • On iOS cameras, a sun icon will appear after you tap an object. This is the exposure slider. On Android cameras, the exposure setting can be found after tapping the gear icon.
  • NASA says zooming in with your smartphone will not alter the resolution of your shot. For a higher resolution shot, you will need telephoto lenses to clip directly over the existing smartphone lens.


Safety issues

  • NASA suggests using a pair of ISO-Certified sun-viewing glasses to cover the camera lens of your smartphone.
  • Smartphones were not meant for sun and moon photography because the camera lenses are very small.
  • Using optical filters to photograph the eclipse when you are not on the path of totality is risky.
  • Without a filter, the sun will appear like a blob of light with pixelated edges in your photograph.
  • According to NASA, the best way to protect your camera while pointing it at the sun is to cover the lens with a solar filter. If you photograph the solar disk without a filter, you will see nothing but sensor blooming.
  • Blooming happens when a large amount of light gets focused to a single point on your camera’s image sensor. For example, when you take a photo of a supermoon with your smartphone, it will come out as a bright glowing orb floating against a black sky.

Shannen Doherty Shares Message About Doctor Who Saved Her

Shannen Doherty Shares Message About Doctor Who Saved Her

NFL coach says he will not stop his players from protesting national anthem

New York Jets coach Todd Bowles will not stand in the way of any of his players protesting during the national anthem.

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No Jets players have indicated that they would opt to not stand during the performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” as then-San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick did last season. But Bowles made it clear that those actions would be each player’s prerogative.

“It’s their individual right,” the coach said after practice Wednesday. “We don’t have a rule book on what’s right to protest and not protest. You don’t know those things until the course of time, whether it’s sitting for the anthem, whether it’s raising your fist, whether it’s speaking out, whether it’s the Walk to Washington who is to say whose protest is good or bad?”

Kaepernick, who is currently a free agent, staged a silent protest last season as he decided to kneel on the sideline during the playing of the anthem before games.

Other NFL players joined Kaepernick last season in a show of support, and at least three have protested during the anthem in the first week of preseason games.

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Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett and Oakland running back Marshawn Lynch both sat, while Los Angeles Rams defensive end Robert Quinn raised his right fist.

“As a football team, politics and people are human — they’re part of it — so you can’t say what’s good or bad,” Bowles said. “I’m sure mostly everybody — I know I’m against racism, segregation and all that other stuff — but how do we come to an answer? I don’t have that answer. How do we come to a common ground? I don’t have that answer.

“It’s a hell of a debate and a hell of a topic. It needs to stop. I don’t have the answers to that, but who is to say whose protest is good or bad? That’s just the way they feel and that’s their right to express it.”

Bowles said he and his players regularly discuss current events, but hadn’t yet talked about last weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“It’s more than football with us,” Bowles said. “We talk about a lot of things. It’s a different topic, everybody has their own feelings about it. You can’t sway anybody one way or the other. We’re all grown men here, so that’s how people feel. That has nothing to do with what they do in practice and what they do on the field, but separately off the field, they are going to feel the way they feel.”

Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams said he would “obviously support” any teammate who chose to stage a protest.

“Everybody has a freedom of speech and the right to do what they want to do,” he said. “At the same time, I would try to tell them to stay focused on us.”

Shannen Doherty shares heartfelt message about doctor who saved her life

Shannen Doherty continues to be an inspiration to us all as she looks on the bright side of her cancer battle.

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This week, the actress took to Instagram to point out one good thing that came out of her breast cancer diagnosis: meeting Dr. Lawrence Piro. Doherty shared a touching message about the man she never would have met if she hadn’t developed the disease and wished him the happiest of birthdays.

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“Dr Lawrence Piro. Not just my doctor. My friend. This man saved my life,” she wrote alongside a photo of the two of them. “I’ve since referred many of my friends to him. He’s helped every single one. Selfless, intelligent, kind, classy, stylish, funny… I could go on. It’s his birthday. I’m honored to be sharing it with him. Cancer brought this man into my life. For that, thank you cancer.”

Doherty has kept fans updated during every step of her battle. In April, she happily announced that she was in remission after undergoing many months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This month, she headed back to work acting in the upcoming 2018 TV series “Heather.”

Boy, 2, Chokes To Death On Grape At Grocery Store

Boy, 2, Chokes To Death On Grape At Grocery Store

Golden retriever digs up $85,000 worth of hard drugs in the backyard

A family in Yamhill County, Oregon, has discovered that their pet golden retriever is actually an amateur drug-sniffing dog with a pretty incredible nose. When 18-month-old Kenyon started digging in the backyard, they thought he’d found a time capsule but the pup was on to something much nastier — black tar heroin.

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Kenyon discovered a gold mine of the drugs — around $85,000 worth, according to KATU. The family even filmed themselves opening it but when they discovered what was inside, they immediately contacted authorities.

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Police say Kenyon discovered 15 ounces of the drug. Sheriff Tim Svenson even awarded the dog with a Yamhill County K9 Citation ribbon and named him an “honorary narcotics K9” for life.

While most of us might be accustomed to seeing German Shepherds as drug-sniffing dogs, Psychology Today reports that beagles, basset hounds and bloodhounds are actually the best at sniffing out something funky.

200 items
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