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Kellyanne Conway's inauguration outfit sparks criticism

Kellyanne Conway spent her 50th birthday at the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

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She attended Friday festivities wearing patriotic colors. 

But many people criticized Conway's outfit.

Trump's former campaign manager and current senior adviser was dressed in a red, white and blue coat. She described the outfit as "Trump revoluntionary wear."

Someone found the $3,600 Gucci coat online, and one social media user pointed out that the product's description online notes the coat's design was inspired by the city of London. 

The coat Kellyanne Conway is wearing is $3,600 Gucci— Hunter Schwarz (@hunterschwarz) January 20, 2017

Other people expressed disinterest in her fashion choice:

<iframe src="//;border=false" width="100%" height="750" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe> <script src="//;border=false"></script> [View the story "Kellyanne Conway's inauguration outfit" on Storify]

Atlanta radio show host's daughter beats cancer

Atlanta radio host Jenn Hobby announced Friday morning that her family got the best news – her daughter’s tumor is gone.

Then 10-month-old Reese was diagnosed stage 4 sacrococcygeal teratoma in August.

Hobby and her husband, Grant Rivera, said they knew something wasn’t right for months. They went to the doctors, where Reese had an MRI of her pelvic region, which revealed a large mass.

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The family immediately began chemotherapy at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. The tumor was removed in November.

[DONATE:Reese's MaGIC Fund Donation Page]

Friday, Hobby posted that a scan showed no signs of residual tumor. “She beat it,” Hobby said.

NO SIGNS OF RESIDUAL TUMOR. The best combinations of words we have ever heard. She beat it.— Jenn Hobby (@JennHobby) January 20, 2017

A photo posted by jennhobby (@jennhobby) on Jan 9, 2017 at 5:44am PST

Meal-Prep an Entire Week's Worth of Dinner With Just 8 Ingredients

There's nothing worse than coming home after a long day of work with absolutely zero clue as to what you're having for dinner. That's when pizza happens for the fourth night in a row. Not that we're saying anything is wrong with that: We love pizza too, but since we already ate it three times over the weekend, it's about time we get in a few healthier meals. Thanks to this super-simple meal-prep plan, you won't have to think about dinner again. Except for like 30 minutes on Sunday. Let's do it.

Step 1:Hit up the grocery store.

Got a pen and paper and 15 minutes? Write down these eight ingredients. Yep, only eight. We challenge you to time yourself in the store, because this is the shortest grocery list ever.

Shopping List

  • 1 bunch kale
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 4 cups baby arugula
  • 3/4 cup quinoa
  • 1 cup canned black beans
  • 8 ounces fresh salmon fillet (or fish of choice)
  • 8 ounces boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 1 avocado

Don't forget your storage containers:

  • 5 glass containers (1 for cooked sweet potatoes, 1 for salmon, 1 for chicken, 1 for quinoa, and 1 for black beans)
  • 2 large plastic bags for kale
  • Plastic wrap for avocado

And a few kitchen staples (you probably already have on hand):

  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Sea salt
  • Lemon juice
Step 2:Prep everything in 30 minutes.

After you go to brunch and speed through the grocery store (but before the binge-watching begins), set aside 30-40 minutes on Sunday to prep the simple ingredients.*

1. Cook chicken. This is the best way to cook chicken so it's not one big piece of dried-up cardboard. *Wait until Tuesday night to cook your chicken. says cooked chicken stays good for up to four days, so it's better to play it safe. 2. Cook salmon: Whether you want to bake it or pan-fry, we've got you covered. 3. Cook quinoa: Quinoa is simple. It's a 1 to 2 ratio; if you're cooking 3/4 cup quinoa, you'll need 1 1/2 cups water. Boil it until water dissolves, about 20 minutes, and it's ready for ya. 4. Roast sweet potatoes: Roasting is so easy. Cube one of the taters and cut fry-shapes with the other. Add them to the same pan but separated, toss with olive oil, and bake for 20-25 minutes. 5. Rinse black beans: Drain and rinse the black beans from the can and store them in a glass container so they're ready whenever you need them. 6. Prep kale: Wash and remove stems from kale leaves. Break into smaller pieces (ya know, the size you'd want if you were eating a salad) then store in a large plastic bag with a paper towel to soak up any leftover moisture. 7. Arugula and avocado can stay as is: No prepping necessary since those boxes of greens typically get triple-washed, and all you have to do with the avo is slice into it.

Step 3:Enjoy ready-to-eat dinners Sunday through Thursday.

We like eating home-cooked meals Sunday-Thursday and saving Fridays for a night out on the town. We deserve it after being good all week.

Start-Your-Week-Off-Right Sunday Night
  • 4 ounces salmon
  • 1/2 of the roasted sweet potatoes
  • 1 cup arugula
  • 1/4 avocado

How to plate: Toss arugula and avocado with olive oil and lemon juice. If you want to heat up the taters and salmon, pop in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.

Meatless Monday
  • 1/2 cup canned black beans
  • 1/4 cup quinoa
  • 1 cup arugula
  • 1/4 avocado

How to plate: Combine all ingredients into a bowl and toss with olive oil and lemon juice.

Taco (Salad) Tuesday
  • 4 ounces chicken, shredded
  • 1/2 of the cubed, roasted sweet potato
  • 1/4 cup canned black beans
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 2 cups kale

How to plate: Heat up the chicken and sweet potatoes in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Toss kale with olive oil and sea salt and massage so kale starts to soften. Add to a bowl and then top with avocado, beans, and shredded chicken. Shake as much hot sauce on it as you'd like and enjoy sweet potatoes on the side.

Workout Wednesday
  • 4 ounces salmon
  • 1 cup sautéed kale
  • 1/4 cup quinoa
  • 1 cup arugula

How to plate: This one requires 4 minutes of cooking if you prefer cooked kale over raw: Sauté the kale in olive oil with sea salt for 4 minutes, until wilted. Microwave the salmon for 1-2 minutes. Combine quinoa with arugula and a drizzle of lemon juice, then pair with salmon and kale.

Thirsty Thursday (a Good Meal to Soak Up Happy Hour)
  • 4 ounces chicken
  • 1 cup arugula
  • Sweet potato fries
  • 1/4 avocado
  • ​1/4 cup quinoa mixed
  • 1/4 cup black beans

How to plate: Before you go out for happy hour, get in a big meal by adding warmed-up chicken over a bed of arugula, a side of sweet potato fries, and a combo of quinoa, black beans, and avocado smothered in hot sauce (if you want). We bet you'll even have leftover fries for those late-night munchies when you get home.

Here's Proof That Photos on Instagram Aren't Always What They Seem to Be

Deep down, we know most of the images we see on Instagram are at least a little staged—the lighting, the angles, the filters. But we still could use a reminder every now and then. That’s why we love fitness blogger Sara Puhto’s recent side-by-side post so much—it shows how a little flexing and posing (not to mention editing) can totally change the way you look.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

It’s tempting to compare our body (stomach rolls and all) to the ones we see in our feed, but that doesn’t mean we should. And we love that Puhto and many others keep reminding us of that.

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out at Home When You *Really* Don’t Want To

If getting to the gym is half the battle, it should be easier to just eliminate that half and work out in the comfort of your own home, right?

Well, sort of. Although your place is crazy convenient, it's hard to stay motivated when you're so close to temptation (read: the TV and the couch).

To help you resist said temptation and get in a solid sweat session at home, we went straight to the people who know what it's like: our readers—real people with real lives, real jobs, and really busy schedules just like you. Here they share seven legit tips that'll motivate you to work out at home, even if you don't feel like it.

1. Find your digital fitness fit.

The No. 1 most important thing you can do is find a routine you're actually going to enjoy doing at home. Certain workouts (think equipment-heavy activities) won't translate well. But the good news: It's 2017, and thanks to technology, you have access to an endless amount of at-home exercise options.

Take a moment, think about what types of activities you enjoy, and then do some research. From fitness apps and websites (like this one, ahem) that transform your phone into a personal trainer to live stream videos that turn your living room into a fitness studio, there are plenty of ways to get guidance, motivation, and variety. With a little bit of internet research and soul-searching, you can easily find a fitness routine that will work for you.

"The key for me was finding something I loved doing," says Megan Wakefield of Littleton, CO. "I don't battle myself to do it because I want to do it, and I fully enjoy the process."

Partner Get 30 Days of Free Workouts Need added motivation this winter? Aaptiv is a new app that offers audio-only workouts from top trainers set to music you love. Classes range from strength training and HIIT workouts to yoga and running, so you'll always find something you love. Available at Greatist readers get a free 30-day trial using code GREATIST! 2. Pencil it in.

Would you remember to go to your dentist appointment or make it to that weekly meeting if you didn't add it to your calendar? Probably not. The same goes for your workouts. "I schedule it like it's an appointment," says Holly Van Hare of Boston, MA. Prioritize exercise by blocking out time on your calendar and then planning your days and weeks around those blocks.

3. Set your space.

The tricky part about an at-home workout is that—surprise!—your home is not a gym. If you happen to have a gym in your home, lucky you. (Can we come over?) If you're a mere commoner like us, then you'll need to make whatever space you have work. That might mean setting up a mini gym in your basement or simply moving the coffee table over three inches to fit a yoga mat. Whatever you have to move/set up/dismantle, do it well before your scheduled workout (say, the night prior if you plan on getting up and working out), so there are no barriers or excuses. "I make a space for myself that feels like my own personal studio," Van Hare says.

4. Dress for success.

Now more than ever, it's acceptable to wear spandex just about anywhere. Take advantage of the trend and throw on gym clothes as soon as possible, at every given opportunity. Why? Well, one study suggests that simply wearing workout gear can help motivate you to exercise.

"On workdays I come home and change into my workout clothes before anything else, and on weekends I put them on first thing in the morning," says Antoinette Schoenthaler of New York City. "That way I have no excuses later."

5. Go public with it.

Hold the phone—literally. Before you tweet, message, or 'gram your workout plans, read this: You'll have a better chance of actually working out if you keep them to yourself. One study suggests that social recognition makes us less likely to follow through with our intentions.

But after you've crushed your workout, feel free to shout it from the social rooftops. Take a photo #fromwhereyoustand or snap a sweaty selfie. "I find I work harder for that extra satisfaction of sharing my achievement afterwards," Van Hare says. When you share your progress and accomplishments, you'll build a small group of cheerleaders, and you can tap into that satisfied feeling the next time you're on the fence about working out.

6. Use a carrot.

For real, though. It's okay to use small rewards to persuade yourself to work out. Do we hope you're compensating yourself with something as healthy as carrots? Sure. But if it's sometimes pizza, turkey chili, or a salted caramel brownie, that's okay too, because, balance.

"I usually work out right after work, so I hold off on eating dinner until after I’ve knocked out a workout," says Gassaway. "Mentally, it’s a big reward."

If food's not your thing, treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers if you complete all your workouts for a month.

7. Try a halfsie.

When working out at home sounds like the worst thing ever, barter with yourself. "I say I'll do half of what I normally do," Gassaway says. "Then, eight times out of 10, I do the full workout anyway because all I really needed was to get started." And the two times you don't finish? Well, at least you did half, and that's better than nothing.

The Bottom Line

The best way to motivate yourself to work out at home is to find a routine you truly enjoy, so your at-home workout doesn't feel like work. Then, control as many factors as you can to set yourself up for success and make it a habit. Sure, the couch looks damn good when you come home after a long day, but sinking into it will feel so much better after you've earned it.

You Should Never Get Back With an Ex, Unless…

I've seen friends get into relationships that are reminiscent of yo-yo dieting: The couple gets together, they break up, they get together, they break up, start, fail, start, fail. Every time, some small component of their lives haschanged, convincing them that things could be different this time around. But for the most part, these people are still who they were—he'd still rather stay home than go out; she still hates texting him back throughout the day—and it never works out.

This is why I always advise friends to never get back with an ex, despite the fact that every flawed relationship looks so rosy in hindsight, scrubbed of its passive-aggressive arguments and last-minute cancellations. Biology is actually trying to be kind when our brains wipe out unpleasant memories, but that’s a double-edged sword. In this magical hindsight filter, an ex who didn't treat you very well can look pretty awesome.

I’ve had the relationship that started, stopped, and started again—only to stop for good, with some fireworks for good measure. I’ve also had relationships that simply started and ended in tears. So after all I’ve learned, and all the advice I've told my friends, even I was surprised when I got together with my current boyfriend...

Yeah, he’s my ex.

But not every relationship that fizzled initially is doomed to fail a second time. Here’s why this time feels different.

1. The first time around, we were really young...

In the U.S., adulthood may technically start at 18, but our maturity level at that age leaves something to be desired, to say the least. When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we were the ripe old age of 20—not even able to buy a bottle of wine for date night. Our careers were still in the dreaming-planning stage, our parents still financially supported us, and we lived in the bubble that is student housing. We were two people still figuring out how to start our lives, planning our escapes into "the real world." But anticipating the future and actually living it are very different things.

For a relationship to deserve a second chance, the couple shouldn't still be in the same situation they were in the first time around, hoping against hope that some magical thing will be different. But time, distance, and the opportunity to grow can create that necessary change. These days, we're grown-ups who know more about what we want and need from life, so our relationship is able to be more mature as well.

No longer long distance!

2. ...and we were trying to make it work long-distance.

This is a rule I still tell people not to break, because it’s been such a monumental struggle whenever I've broken it. The truth is, dating long-distance hurts. Waiting all day until a video chat, communicating primarily by text, never getting to hold hands or attend events together… none of this is fun. So when my boyfriend and I started dating shortly before we went off to different schools, we braced ourselves for the distance. We did what we could to make it work, and alternated weekends visiting each other. But not only did this adversely affect my relationship with my friends ("Sorry, I can't make it, again…"), it was exhausting. I always felt like I was missing out on both my relationship and my social life.

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So when we got back in touch—years later, with 3,000 miles between us—I knew that this relationship wouldn't work if it were still long-distance. When we were ready, we made the big, game-changing decision to move to the same city. It finally felt like a real shot at being together.

3. When we broke up, we didn't go down in flames.

When we finally decided that the distance was much to bear, we ended things. I’m not going to say the relationship would’ve lasted forever if we hadn't been long-distance, but this external circumstance was definitely the reason we ended things when we did. That meant that when we reignited our relationship, we didn't have any screaming, ugly fights or hair-pulling frustrations coming back to mind. It finally felt like we were meeting in the right time and the right place.

4. We'd never really left our comfort zones.

I think that everybody should move somewhere new and far from home at least once in their life. Whether you grew up in a tiny town or a giant metropolis, there’s an incredible experience to be had by trying something new, and you can learn a lot about yourself that way. The first time my boyfriend and I got together, we were both Californians through and through; we both grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles and traveled only as far as the Bay Area for college. We'd spent pretty much our entire lives within the same state lines. After we broke up, I studied abroad and later moved to the East Coast. He spent months hiking across the country, coming home only to save up for the next great adventure. In that time, we also expanded our occupational boundaries, completely changing our careers. Getting out of our comfort zones undoubtedly helped us grow into our own selves independently, so when we met back up, we each had a greater sense of our individual identities.

Back in the day

5. I’m not thinking about "last time."

I always let people know that we dated before, since I’m bound to tell a story or mention a time from that early year together. But normally, I’m not thinking about it. We don’t say, "I’m so glad we got back together." We just say, "I’m so happy we’re together." Because history or not, the people we are today make this relationship happen. We didn’t even talk for several years after breaking up, so although we have a long history together, we also have long periods of life that don’t involve each other. This gives us a familiar past to share, but the focus is on now… and the now is looking pretty good—especially since we’re not taking selfies with bulky cameras anymore.

Christie is a Seattle-based freelance writer with a deep interest in why we are the way we are, and how we can be a little bit better. She's an LA native, Stanford graduate, relentless vegetarian, and coffee enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter @ChristieBrydon and Instagram @woweezow33.

7 Party Foods That Are 10 Times Better Than Sports Bar Grub

Why would anyone go to a bar to watch a game or grab some apps when you could make slammin' snacks at home? We'll support this query with recipes from this week's feature foodie, Jodi Moreno of What's Cooking Good Looking. Jodi sees your sports bar nachos and frozen taquitos, and she'll raise you Thai peanut sweet potato skins and veggie-packed lettuce wraps. Just have a look at these seven game-day eats and then try to make dinner of chips and guac. We rest our case.

1. Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Skins These aren’t the potato skins of sad dive-bar menus, kids. Salty, spicy, nutty, and just a little bit sweet, these sweet potato skins will do well at a Super Bowl party or black tie-optional dinner. Just make sure not to skimp on the peanut sauce. 2. Salted Dark Chocolate Bark Cake is fine; pie is pretty darn good—but have you tried dark chocolate bark? Melt high-quality dark chocolate and sprinkle it with nutty, crispy add-ins such as hazelnuts, coconut, and sesame seeds. Oops, is the whole tray gone already? 3. Broccoli Stem Fries With Chimichurri Tahini What food is more crowd-pleasing than fries? And yeah, they’re green—so what? Firm broccoli stems actually make for a truly tasty baked fry, and their spice-and-cornmeal coating adds a satisfying crunch. 4. Veggie Lettuce Wraps With Mint Yogurt Make these lettuce wraps ahead of time or set up a DIY station during your party. The spicy-creamy yogurt makes a cozy home for crisp veg. Now, isn’t this more fun than salad? 5. Almond-Crusted Sweet Potato Tenders With Mint Chutney Entertaining a few vegetarians for the evening? There’s no need to get out the tempeh. For a snack that’s a combo of fries and tenders, look no further than these fat sweet potato wedges. Extra points if you actually make the mint chutney (but we won’t tell if you just grab a bottle of ketchup!). 6. Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Bites Even if you make them all the time, few treats are more satisfying (and easy to serve to a group) than chocolate bites. Using almond butter makes them taste like a grown-up peanut butter cup, and we're seriously fans of that. 7. Deviled Brussels Sprout Salad This green-eggs-and-no-ham salad is rich and creamy, cut with a hint of hot sauce kick. Serve with toast for a twist on classic brunch eggs and greens.

Jodi Moreno is the voice behind What's Cooking Good Looking, a blog that's all about food that's good for us, tastes amazing, and makes us feel good from the inside out. Every recipe featured on her site uses whole, natural ingredients. For more from Jodi, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

200 items
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